The CSW61 is shut down 

The CSW61 is under siege by the divinity of the Snow. For today, the 2017 Committee on the Status of Women (CSW61) annual conference is suspended. The reason is the New York’s blizzard weather. All events, such as the UN women’s side and NGOs parallel events are cancelled, and the UN headquarters complex is shut down. ​

​Not only that, though. It comes out that ninety percent of New York commercials and boutiques are closed throughout the day. Schools are not exempted as well. 

How close to the transportation network? Rails are working partially. At this present moment, all flights in the Northeast are cancelled and put off, and it is likely JFK airport is affected, besides. 

What has experience taught us? The reality that nature will always be ahead of mankind in overall respect. Most interesting is the transition from yesterday’s beautiful weather to what we are dealing with right now. 

Those of us, who are in New York attending the CSW61 have to administer the situation like the New Yorkers. And for those of us with no prior plan for what to eat, we might as well spend the rest in the day fasting if the nearby eateries are closed.  

Hopefully, normalcy will return tomorrow; the CSW events will hold; restaurants will open, and airports will operate as before. Otherwise, we are stuck in New York!