Are We Celebrating Abuse Against Women?

By today, we ought to have done away with all sorts of abuse against women and girls. Today is the 25th November. The famous United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) designated this day as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. It simply means women, and of course the girls, are, nevertheless, victims of unjust abuses.

However, what exactly are we attempting to ‘eliminate’? Are these the abuses or the women themselves?

All varieties of abuse levelled against them are summed up as discrimination in disguised. The most popular ones are — stalking, sexism, sexual harassment, sexual abuse (in and out of war zones), discrimination, domestic violence, incest, inequalities, murder and et cetera.

2017 reveals (and still exposing) horrific sexual harassment and assault; all thanks to the infamous Harvey Weinstein. Coming to the surface is the exposure to longtime sexual predators who hid their games. Besides, we start seeing, or hearing perverse actions of these male perpetrators that women tolerated for so long because they (these women) were scared to lose their jobs? Many mighty men began to fall from grace.

At present, the popular question is, “who’s next?”

Nonetheless, this seems to be the kickoff of what has been taken for granted. So long! It had taken ages. The good news is that, women are opening up. They are letting the cat out of the bag. They are no longer ashamed, or afraid. The bad news is that, will something be done to preclude this from happening again?

Violence against women should not be treated like the popular news that came into the public eye for a few days or months and then abruptly died down.

How women are perceived, whom they are taken to be, and whether they are valued as humans. Will 2017 be the end of violence against women?

Possibly that can only be when women themselves stand together in solidarity and not enjoy the benefits of backbiting one another (as it used to be).