8th March-International Women’s Day: The journey so far

What then is feminism?

We continue to declare our capability to be all accomplished by ourselves,

never possess the thought for any man to save us.

We sojourn in agony, poisoned by the fear of being all alone by

trading in our strength of becoming independent.



What then is friendship?

For some moments,

everything seems

to be fine for all until betrayal slips in.


What then is motherhood?

A stillbirth, ready to depart willingly,

never a single thought

for the poor mother.


What then is love?

So unstable, so restless,

forever on the move,

like a truck.

(Claire Ayelotan: excerpt from THE NAIVE PORTRAITURE OF EVERYTHING



Eradicating Early/Forced Child Marriage

Eradicating Early/Forced Child Marriage

Girls Not Brides.org is entirely dedicated to denouncing child marriage. We highly recommend this website to any one interested in learning more about the causes, consequences and further information relating to countries practising this atrocity.



It only takes a parent’s decision to make right the life of a child. It makes an entire community to build a peaceful nation. Where parents’ willingness to marry off their little girl to someone 5 times older than her all in the name of altering their impoverished status or to satisfy their cultural rites, are all acts of ignorance. Lack of awareness ruins the intelligent minds. Lack of education destroys a productive country. Child Marriage is pandemic, an abuse of a girl-child right to livelihood and freedom. Child Marriage is a mask of deceit, promoting a darker world, dimming the illuminating lives of future female generation. No girl-child is supposed to be subjected to the marital trails meant for a full-grown female. The girl-child must have the freedom to carry on her education, be given the choice to fulfil her prospective dreams, have the liberty to mingle with her age mates without any orders from anyone other than her parents. The girl-child of 8 – 17 years old is not a bed mate for a moron all in the name of marriage. Holy matrimonial is not for a girl-child of 8-17 year-old! Her place is in the school and not in the kitchen acting as the young wife to a dunce.

A man who marries to a girl-child of 8 -17 year-old is a perpetrator and an abuser. It is high time to take action and STOP child marriage. It must never happen again. Not now, not anymore, not a practice for the coming generation.