HELP THE PUNCHING BAGI have no idea if Veronica knew what she was doing when she abandoned her tailor apprenticeship and ran away with Idris, a roadside mechanic. She disobeyed her aunt, insulted her mother and went off with him, living as couple without marriage.

 Now, and with five children (born with difference of a year gap), Veronica is nowhere with her tailoring career as she did not wait to complete her training then.

Idris is happy, fathering two children with another woman, in Lagos, the same city where Veronica lives.

Veronica dare not confront her man without receiving severe blows. Today, nothing works for her; no job, no peace of mind, no income, and no emotional support from her family members (Remember she’d left them years ago). In a country like Nigeria where there is no government social assistance & financial support, how will Veronica survives with her children?

As members of HELP THE PUNCHING BAG, we do not condemn anybody. Our goals are to share the ugly tales, the good ones, and the actions taken to stop violence against women.

Veronica made her choice when she fled with Idris, abandoning her priority. There are lots of women like her and some of them have amended their lives.

Do you have someone like Veronica in your life, in your city, among your friends and family members? Get your voice out there; explain to these women the need to be financially independent, let them understand that it is not too late to learn a trade or go back to school.

Make sure you engage them in freedom speech. Remember; every woman is not a punching bag and she is not a game for abuse. A woman deserves the best from life.

We are counting on you!

Many thanks



HELP THE PUNCHING BAGAs we celebrate Mothers Day today, there are thousands of women out there who are not joining us to celebrate.

You may want to know why? These are women like you and I but their marital foes have reduced their sense of happiness today.

They have been beaten and defeated. They have accepted that life is no longer holding any meaning for them. They have lost hope in love and rather, they have only live on with just one hope; 


Let me ask; where do we categorize those ones among them who don’t have children? I have a friend in this same situation. Once she told me that the reason why she stays on with her man despite all the maltreatments he gives her is simply because she does not know where to start from.

My friend is afraid of finding the world blank out there if she decides to leave her man and go for good.

I knew there are lots of her who are just too scared to reason properly. The question is; must a woman stays on and continues to endure the beating, the torture, and the abuses because she fears for insecurity once she is out of the relationship?




Princess Ayelotan

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Sophie does not have a say anymore in her matrimonial home. Whenever she offers any suggestions about how things should be, Greg is always ready to shut her down. Nothing Sophie did to make her husband realize that this is how thing should be or not how they must be, worked.

Greg is in charge; he loves it even if this hurts Sophie more and more. How can two people live under the same roof, share the same bed and meals but they cannot reach any comfortable agreement between them?

The day Sophie feels she must do something about it turns out to be the day she regrets and maybe will continue to regret. Greg descended on her heavily, giving her the first beating since their three year-old marriage.

What do you advise Sophie to do? Pack out?


Princess Ayelotan

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Welcome to our blog. From henceforth, we will be bringing you stories and live events about the women among us whose security are no longer valued by their spouses or partners.

This blog will help you understand the strong need to put an end to whatever form of violences your loved ones or you may be experiencing. You don’t have to keep silent anymore.

Be free to tell the world your tales so that the other women out there can learn from it.

To Freedom!

A Dagger Without Pity

In February 2009, it can be shocking to discover how many African female children are being mutilated within a week after their birth, all in the name of tradition.
Nearly all the African countries practise Female Genital Mutilation. For years, there have been hundreds of efforts from several NGOs to stop this crime.

Some of these African states have passed out laws banishing FGM but the question is; has that law been executed? We are made to believe that with this law, there will be no more FGM.
Do you trust this law?
For once, I want to make it clear that in these African Countries, FGM is still in going on. we can spread the awareness to those that are close to us. If we know those who hold on to this practice, we can convince them to put a stop to it.

If we don’t talk, no one will know that FGM is a crime against the RIGHTS of a female-Child. FGM is a cultural-foolishness.
Help Spread the word againt FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION. It is a dagger without pity.

Princess Ayelotan