Is Racial Discrimination Over? 

Why do we do the things that hurt? Why do we shout out those things that are meant to make others cry? What joy do we derive from shutting the door of compassion, acceptance and tolerance against those in dire need of these? 

The hypothesis of racial discrimination is that everyone has the right to lay a claim to something. Nonetheless, part of the problem is not to have the preunderstanding of what precisely that ‘something’ should be. 
Another theory focuses on the fight for power, and superiority over the other individual. In other words, being white means one is above and not inferior. 
However, racial discrimination extends beyond these. This is no longer about the struggle between the white and the dark skin. Xenophobism is one disturbing segment of racial discrimination and addressing up the recent occurrences in South Africa explained why this is more than the differentiation of the skin colour. Many settlers killed during the mayhem were blacks from other African nations. In all likelihood, no one expected such hate crimes from blacks against blacks. 

Perhaps, no one could have imagined the continuous hate speeches levelled at migrants since their mass invasion of Europe. Besides, no one thought that one day there would be a Brexit, a Trump, or who knows; shortly a Frexit and a Gerxit before the end of this year.
Also, the Jewish communities worldwide is experiencing incessant anti-Semite hostility. Why? Do they not deserve peaceful coexistence? Why would anyone or some groups of people believe they ought not to exist? That is an ethnic prejudice! 
Wait! How about those Half-Castes, Blacks, Arab and Latino young men in France and in the United States of America, who are constantly placed unnecessarily under the Police radars and racially profiled? Why are they tortured, spat upon, rough handled, cursed, thrown in prisons without viable justification and threatened non-stop? Is it as a result of their skin colour, background and religious belief? What differentiates them from their White counterparts? Why are they not furnished with the exact similar privileges? What is missing here? What else have we forgotten? 

Above all, what makes us humans? Whether Whites, Blacks, Arabs, Jews, Latinos or whoever; ARE WE HUMANS?  

Do we still have trouble understanding why blacks are killing blacks? Why are the whites targeting the black residential district or vice versa? Or why are some targeting Jews? 

My opinion is there is no point trying to figure out what has been happening behind public views or will still be. What is important at present is confronting the reality that we must root out racial discrimination before it eliminates us. We must stand together and united unless we let it divide us. There can be no world peace without universal unity. Yesterday was the International Day of Happiness, but individualising the sense of happiness is like pretending that all is well when we totally knew that our world is catapulting. 
Of course, we were not born in the identical time, way or into the same family. Still, the reality is that we are not going to depart from this earth with whatever we possess; not even our educational certificates will be buried alongside. 
What will expire with us is our conscience, and how we have impacted our society as well as the lives of others. 

Eliminating Racial Discrimination: Still a long way ahead? 

  A day ago, I wrote on my website that “Hate Speech is a contagious disease. It passes around like wildfire that touches not just the most vulnerable, but the noble hearts.” 

At present, the flame of racism is being rekindled through the media, politics, social media, research, migration discourses and by words of mouth. 

Are you one of the Le-Penists, the Trumpists, Faragists, Petryists, Melonists, Lindbergists, Janukevichists; just to mention a few. Just to name a few of them!
OR are you the Angel of peace, of restoration and of societal healing? 
How do other people see us? How many of us are terrors to those in our residential districts? Do we pretend to be the sheep to outsiders, while we are wolves to our own household members? 

We pray for peace for a nation in despair. Nevertheless, how can such a country be at peace when its leaders are not up to the tasks of unifying their own citizens? 

Humanity gets better and bigger under the ideology of oneness. We cannot give birth to a peaceful society if we don’t conceive faith in harmony. When we race for discrimination and vote in support of racism, we establish an invisible wall of hell that our future generations will partake of. 

Life is short, but it can only get sweet and beautiful if we create clear spaces for love, for admiration of one another, for direct acceptance of other’s religion, culture and ideologies. 
People who have different skin tones, do not choose by themselves. And they cannot tell their Creator to ‘re-colour’ them so that they can be just the exact people we prefer. 

The word ‘prefer’ can often leads to self-centeredness. We need to cogitate about what and how our words, and actions affect others. Do we bless them or do we curse them? Do we have to choose to dwell in harmony with other ethnic groups simply because we have compelled them to abide by our own fixed rules and regulations? 

The world we live in, is incomplete until we come together in a genuine cause to close the gap against anything that tends to widen it. There is no need for empty spaces, which serve to ruin the spirit of brotherhood. 

We must reunite against all forms of racial discrimination. We must come down and embrace humility as we lift our voices in unison to extinguish the rising flame of hatred for others. 
We are one people. We are human beings; created to change the world. And these changes will not come until we act. We can do it if we put our heads together and speak out. The Time is now! Not tomorrow. It is NOW. 

Social Justice System: The Irregularities 

Social justice should mean gender equality, poverty reduction, fair application of law, equal wealth distribution, equal job opportunity and social benefits irrespective of race, religion, age, status, sex, education & language.   
It should enable freedom to choose different identity, liberty of expression, elimination of prejudice and stigmatisation. Social justice denounces xenophobia, nationalism, Eurocentrism, religionism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, ethnocentrism, racial profiling, and separatism. 
It should speak out for and promote tolerance for migrants and refugees, regardless of their countries of ethnic origin and skin colour. 

Above all, Social Justice simply means,

“Live and let live.”

#HarperLee: A beautiful life 

Rest in peace, #HarperLee. Through your texts, thanks for putting out racial discrimination into the light for all to see. 

Thank you for the fight against colour segregation. Being your only novel until recently, To Kill a Mockingbird is indeed a must-read. 

 I couldn’t get a better bird for these graphics. Thanks to Typorama app for the photo bank and of course, the complete creation. 




The Dilemma of Being Black 

My mother says I’m black,

but I am white. 

I know I’m white on the inside

I am white in all proportions, 

I went to school created by white 

I speak the language of the white

My native tongue is inconsistent. 

If you call me black based on my skin

What you omit to see is my inner skin

The white in me like egg’s white 

The emphasis of my voice like a British

The trend of my clothes like a French 

My mother was wrong, then

That I chose to deviate to be white

A choice beyond simple explication 

A voice of reason to save my job. 

It is not easy nor has it being that easy. 

My mother may desire me to be black

to remain as black. 

But time has changed 

the system has changed

people have moved on. 

I choose to be white to be accepted 

than the choice to remain black 

to be rejected. 

Who are you to blame me 

that I blackmail my veritable skin colour.