The Dark Faces Of Child Labour 

Child labour is child abuse. It is modern-day slavery and a violation of the rights of the child. Article 6b of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) demands that governments ensure continuous growth of the child, while Article 19a calls on State parties to implement protective measures for the child from all forms of abuse. In spite of this convention, many regimes have failed to provide lifelong security and protection to the children. It seems that most children, safeguarding policies just ended up locked in office desks, and nobody worries. 

Child labour has many dark, disgusting faces. It includes sexual exploitation of minors, such as child prostitution, Internet pornography, and holiday sex-trade to for western men. Some parents, particularly mothers, are offering their little daughters for sex in exchange for money and material gifts. The other kinds of child labour are; forced physical unpaid jobs, forced conscription as child soldiers, drug & animal trafficking, forced pick-pocketing & petit thefts. Certain kids are pulled out of schools to stay home as nannies to look after their younger siblings simply because their parents cannot afford to pay for babysitters. At present, other children are serving as permanent long-term house-helps in many African and Asian states. The majority of them face severe exploitation as their employers do not pay them the agreed wages. They are crushed, mutilated, assault, sexual by their employers or employers’ children and sometimes some are killed.  

In many regions around the world, children who are street-hawking are not seen as experiencing abuse. Although, some of these youngsters are placed under duress to hawk, some are not. And the latter fall in the category of these children who are from impoverished societies, and they are obliged to work to sustain their family. 

Lack of proper education is one major characteristic of child labour. But how does one anticipate a poor family, with barely one-dollar per day to survive, to have the monetary means to send their children to school? 

Child labour has no particular target. Every child is apt to experience one form of child labour. Yet, many unaccompanied migrants-children have and are still falling prey to forced labours. The vulnerability of orphans female children remains undisputed, especially to forced child-sex works. 

It is quite difficult to pinpoint child labour to a particular type abuse against children. It is vast. The reality is, there are other types of child labour yet to be identified.

Forced Migration and the Consequences of Terrorism on Children 

Conference: CSW60 14-24 March 2016

Parallel EVENT: Forced Migration, Human Trafficking and Child Armies:

How ISIL is Exploiting the Conflict in the Middle East

Date: 15/03/2016

Time: 12:30 — 14:00p.m


Recruiting children under 18 for armed groups. The violation of the abduction of children for criminal purposes.


 Some of Daesh’s crimes against children are,

1. Killing of children

2. Forceful recruitment of children

3. Rape and Abduction, and

4. Denial of humanitarian aid to children

 In Aleppo, there is the increase use of foreign children as fighters in the ISIL group in Syria, Systematic recruitment of Iraqi children as executional and suicide bombers and the recruitment of girls of sexual assault and other forms of atrocities. 

What is the future of children in some countries that ISIL controls
? Probably none. 


1. Respect for human rights to prevent extreme violence against children need to be taken into serious consideration.

2. Reintegration of children that were formally associated with ISIL.

3. Engagement with children that have been linked previously to ISIL.

4. Empower youth and promote human rights for all.

 Understand that nothing that Daesh do is Islamic.

Daesh does not emerge out of a vacuum. They, including Boko Haram, exist out of wrongful ideology to dehumanise others by promoting violence and continuum of aggression.

The scholarship of Islamic feminism covers all interpretation that see Islam as a source of hope and aims to prevent any counter- human rights. Women need to be supported to prevent violence extremisms and mothers are capable of stopping their children from radicalisation and extremism.


Migration is a natural phenomenon that is identified with humanity.

— Some people who do not wish to leave their countrified are forced to moved as result of war, trafficked and displaced from everything that they are attached to.

— Armed conflict is the major cause of forced migration.

— Gang action fuel forced migration

— Forced migration exposes children to sexual exploitation, pornography, pickpocketing, prostitution, etc.

— Forced migration put children in danger in the hands of law enforcement agencies as these children do not have legal papers

— Detention for children put several psychological effects

— Some are repatriated and later abandoned to their faith.

— 26000 child migrants have entered Europe earlier January 2016.

— About 5000 children disappeared from Germany’s asylum centres

— Forced migration is being overlooked and not taken seriously as there is unresponsive attitude from states.

— NGO Committee of Migration

— Root causes of codling situations that are leaving children vulnerable and being exploited by terrorists groups.

— Migrant children are often promised false hope and

— Held the government accountable.

— Under no condition should a child-migrant be detained.

— Recognition of the experiences of the child-migrants and prioritise their issues.

Organisers: Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Council (GOAC), World Council of Churches, Lutheran Office for World Community.

Men tackling Prostitution 

Conference: CSW60 14-24 March 

Parallel event: Men and Youth Mobilise for the Abolition of Prostitution

Time: 16:30p.m — 18:00p.m

Date: 15/03/2016





Sex without consent is rape. 
Organisers: European Women’s Lobby, Equality Now, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women 

Can We Kidnap the President’s Daughter?

Today is Mother’s Day. Many mothers are celebrating this day with their daughters but unfortunately, somewhere in the far northern Nigeria, there are about 300 mothers living at this day in agony.

Their joy of motherhood is destabilised and wounded. It’s already close to a month since Boko Haram, deranged terrorists, stole these girls from their school, from their mothers and from their education. The girl-child fundamental right to life is violated. Let us not believe that this is strictly a Nigerian issue. As a matter of fact, this is a worldwide catastrophe as attention is being focused on destroying the girl-child education. International communities are altogether facing a disturbing situation, which is somehow circulating all over the world. Previously, it’s been Uganda, Yemen, Pakistan and now, Nigeria.

A terrorist’s focus is shifting from waging war against religion to education. A terrorist fails or do not wish to comprehend the power of knowledge and as such he is blindfolded by his demented mind. Murdering innocent women and children implies the terrorist is void of compassion, and he is capable of murdering his mother and sisters without a second thought.

What we do not understand is that Boko Haram is financially bankrupt and it is for this reason they’d kidnap the girls. The terrorist group is currently in dire need of money in exchange for the hostages. When we go back to watch the video he posted recently, he mentioned selling these girls. They need money to continue to operate their gospel of hatred, of ignorant, of evil and of bombing. Now they waiting for the government to negotiate.

We should probe on why their leader chose to convey himself in English language on video if he is actually against education? How did he learn the language? The English language is a Western language and not a Nigerian native language. If really he hates Western schooling, then he should have communicated in his local language. This is perhaps one convincing fact that he gave himself up. It shows he is a coward, a failure and a man that need proper enlightenment.

Saddened that the Nigerian government fails to act immediately after learning of the abduction. I heard someone suggesting the best way to wake up the Nigerian president is tantamount to kidnap his daughter. Will this solved the enigma? Or will the kidnapper gains easy access, through the presidential palace’s tight security, to grab the girl?  The Chibok girls were easily abducted because they had no security guards watching over them 24/7, while the president’s daughter(s) probably has a bodyguard at her back and calling.

A world divided by status and wealth, a country against itself owing to the incapacitate of the current government to defend its people.

First Lady, Michelle Obama recently bridged a presidential protocol when she used her husband weekly radio speech to address her agony regarding the kidnapped children. By this, she’d portray her intelligent and her motherly compassion. However, is the Nigerian First Lady taking advantage of her office to help these suffering mothers and not just shedding tears (and vainly calling on God multiple times) publicly on TV? Nigerians are fed up of a government without actions.

Perhaps this person is right about kidnapping the President’s daughter(s). Maybe that would stir him up to go to rescue the Chibok girls.

What do you think?