Gender Identity: From birth to adulthood

An intellectual discussion on gender identity and the process of recognition, and acceptance of gender. The lecture was more oriented towards research in biology than in social science, which I’d look forward to. But, the knowledge came handy and beneficial. Having to discover this topic from a completely different academic field further made it thoroughly formative. Audio version to follow in subsequent posts.

Lecture Topic: Acquiring Gender: From Baby in the yellow hat to gender identity and expression

Location: Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower; Old Auditorium, Department of Gender Studies, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

Speaker: Dr Anne Fausto Sterling

Date & Time: 16th November 2016 – 5:30pm


Neurobiological and empirical psychoanalysis are linked by memory.

Three aspects of neurobiological in gender identity:

  1. The infant brains makes connections.
  2. Connections depends on patterns of experience (such as Myelination).
  3. Identity development starts in early infancy.

Three aspects of Memory:

  1. Young babies have complex


  2. Long term infant memory associates objects and contexts.
  3. Memory formation involves anatomical change.

Three aspects of Empirical Psychoanalysis:

  1. Infants develop pre-symbolic representation of self and other 2-way interaction.
  2. Self & identity emerge from recurrent patterns.
    1. Time dimension
    2. Space dimension
    3. Facial affect dimension
    4. Associated arousal pattern
  3. Dyads structure their interactions via,
    1. State transformations
    2. Facial mirroring
    3. Interpersonal timing
    4. Disruptions & repair



  • PreNat – to 12 months = Pre-symbolic embodiment
  • 12 months to 24 months = Links to symbolic gender
  • 24 months to years  = Gender identity [Expressed as strongly hold beliefs on pleasure,  clothing, colour, toys, et cetera.


Overall and in conclusion, from infancy to adulthood, the stages of gender identification are as followed,

  1. Passive
  2. Assertive
  3. Connection to symbols
  4. Connection to genitalia, and,
  5. Permanence recognition.


Childhood Trauma

Second Biennial International Childhood Trauma Conference


Location: Melbourne Convention Centre, South Wharf, Melbourne, Australia

Date: 6th – 10th June

Pre Conference Day: 5th June


First Conversation Title: Dan Hughes and Jon Baylin


Forced Migration and the Consequences of Terrorism on Children 

Conference: CSW60 14-24 March 2016

Parallel EVENT: Forced Migration, Human Trafficking and Child Armies:

How ISIL is Exploiting the Conflict in the Middle East

Date: 15/03/2016

Time: 12:30 — 14:00p.m


Recruiting children under 18 for armed groups. The violation of the abduction of children for criminal purposes.


 Some of Daesh’s crimes against children are,

1. Killing of children

2. Forceful recruitment of children

3. Rape and Abduction, and

4. Denial of humanitarian aid to children

 In Aleppo, there is the increase use of foreign children as fighters in the ISIL group in Syria, Systematic recruitment of Iraqi children as executional and suicide bombers and the recruitment of girls of sexual assault and other forms of atrocities. 

What is the future of children in some countries that ISIL controls
? Probably none. 


1. Respect for human rights to prevent extreme violence against children need to be taken into serious consideration.

2. Reintegration of children that were formally associated with ISIL.

3. Engagement with children that have been linked previously to ISIL.

4. Empower youth and promote human rights for all.

 Understand that nothing that Daesh do is Islamic.

Daesh does not emerge out of a vacuum. They, including Boko Haram, exist out of wrongful ideology to dehumanise others by promoting violence and continuum of aggression.

The scholarship of Islamic feminism covers all interpretation that see Islam as a source of hope and aims to prevent any counter- human rights. Women need to be supported to prevent violence extremisms and mothers are capable of stopping their children from radicalisation and extremism.


Migration is a natural phenomenon that is identified with humanity.

— Some people who do not wish to leave their countrified are forced to moved as result of war, trafficked and displaced from everything that they are attached to.

— Armed conflict is the major cause of forced migration.

— Gang action fuel forced migration

— Forced migration exposes children to sexual exploitation, pornography, pickpocketing, prostitution, etc.

— Forced migration put children in danger in the hands of law enforcement agencies as these children do not have legal papers

— Detention for children put several psychological effects

— Some are repatriated and later abandoned to their faith.

— 26000 child migrants have entered Europe earlier January 2016.

— About 5000 children disappeared from Germany’s asylum centres

— Forced migration is being overlooked and not taken seriously as there is unresponsive attitude from states.

— NGO Committee of Migration

— Root causes of codling situations that are leaving children vulnerable and being exploited by terrorists groups.

— Migrant children are often promised false hope and

— Held the government accountable.

— Under no condition should a child-migrant be detained.

— Recognition of the experiences of the child-migrants and prioritise their issues.

Organisers: Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Council (GOAC), World Council of Churches, Lutheran Office for World Community.

Reasons why women stay

Professionals have expressed frustration at why women ‘don’t just leave’ without recognition that women may be staying for reasons related to fear and safety, and/or lack of resources.
(Marianne Hester: Children’s safety: the child protection planet in The ‘Three Planet Model’. Pg.42

Eradicating Early/Forced Child Marriage

Eradicating Early/Forced Child Marriage

Girls Not is entirely dedicated to denouncing child marriage. We highly recommend this website to any one interested in learning more about the causes, consequences and further information relating to countries practising this atrocity.



It only takes a parent’s decision to make right the life of a child. It makes an entire community to build a peaceful nation. Where parents’ willingness to marry off their little girl to someone 5 times older than her all in the name of altering their impoverished status or to satisfy their cultural rites, are all acts of ignorance. Lack of awareness ruins the intelligent minds. Lack of education destroys a productive country. Child Marriage is pandemic, an abuse of a girl-child right to livelihood and freedom. Child Marriage is a mask of deceit, promoting a darker world, dimming the illuminating lives of future female generation. No girl-child is supposed to be subjected to the marital trails meant for a full-grown female. The girl-child must have the freedom to carry on her education, be given the choice to fulfil her prospective dreams, have the liberty to mingle with her age mates without any orders from anyone other than her parents. The girl-child of 8 – 17 years old is not a bed mate for a moron all in the name of marriage. Holy matrimonial is not for a girl-child of 8-17 year-old! Her place is in the school and not in the kitchen acting as the young wife to a dunce.

A man who marries to a girl-child of 8 -17 year-old is a perpetrator and an abuser. It is high time to take action and STOP child marriage. It must never happen again. Not now, not anymore, not a practice for the coming generation.


Where Two or Three People Are Gathered….

Cover-where two or three women are gatheredWhere Two or Three People Are Gathered….

Where Two or Three People Are Gathered….by Princess Ayelotan, is a collection of short stories addressing issues affecting women. Available for purchase on iTunes/iBooks store.

Are You A Victim? Speedy Steps you must take before it is too late (STEP TWO)

Be ready for emergency!  There is no point waiting until someone comes to show you the level of danger you are in. Once confirmed your partner is an abuser, then you must be ready to move.

Anything can happen, and you cannot tell exactly when, because abusers bring negative surprises especially when their victims do not expect.

For instant backout, this will be your security plan;

—    Look out for escape routes; doors, lower-windows, or any exit you think it’s safer for you to use when your abuser is coming for you. Prior, check out the safest route out of your house. You must do this when he is not indoors. Try the door lock, see if it functions properly and would not hang to trap you in when you are ready to flee.  Do this also with the windows. In a flat where all your windows are metal burglary proofs, then you have no alternative than to look elsewhere as your escape route.

—    Make sure you don’t give him the reason to know you are about to flee. You ask for extreme danger when you give sign of your soon-escape to your abuser. He will do all it takes to trap you in. He is capable of locking you indoors for days while he cut of any means of you contacting the police or anyone.  For these reasons, learn to keep calm. Even when you are arguing, do not boast to him that you are leaving soon. That’s a sure way to get him to hurt you the more or even kill you.

—    If you have children, show them and practice these routes with them. Then warn them sternly not to tell their father. Remember, children are very wise. They understand any situations easily even if you think they don’t. Tell your children the truth. Make them understand the need to keep quiet, and thorough sealed lips. Sure, they will. There is no child that enjoys seeing his father, or any man hurting his mother, and then will support the man. When it comes to children, their mother comes first. Thus, be ready to escape when the time comes with your children. Please, do not leave them behind. It does not matter if your abuser is their father; he is capable of inflicting pain on them just to get back at you for leaving him.

Teach your children the entire escape routes you know in your flat and you all have to keep this to yourselves.

Step three coming soon….