Protecting the Refugee Rights

How many people have misunderstood and still fail to understand the plight of a Refugee?

How many believe that refugees are not supposed to be protected from harms and abandonment?

How many nations have closed down their open borders and erected huge walls of barbed wires that look like the walls of Jericho, and the nation of Babylon?

Do refugees deserve to have rights like everyone else?

Are refugees meant to live and live in peace without being forever displaced?

Part of the ongoing discussion and debates is about protecting the rights of the refugees and working with them through their traumatised experiences 


Conference:  Second Biennial International Childhood Trauma Conference


Location: Melbourne Convention Centre, South Wharf, Melbourne, Australia.


Date: 8th June 2016



1. Jean Daher


2. Beulah Walsh


3. Rosemary Signorelli


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