Who Is A Sexual Predator?

2016 International Conference On Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Engaging Men And Boys 
Location: International Ballroom Center, Washington Hilton, 1919 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC.

Time: 1:00p.m — 2:15p.m

Date: 24th March, 2015. 

Title: Plenary I: Sexual Predators: What We Don’t Know — We REALLY DON’T KNOW 


Elizabeth Donegan, Sergeant, Sex Offender Apprehension and Registration Unit Supervisor, Austin Police Department, Austin, TX. 


Sexual Predators are the most manipulative and cunning of all criminals. 

1. Strange rape

2. Victim is Female- attractive 

3. Fights attacker

4. Immediate report to law enforcement 

5. Appropriate reaction ( what is appropriate to that victim? We have to take our investigation not just at face value) 

6. Complete articulation of events

7. False report 

1. Alex Kale 

2. Louis Walker (raped Helmen) 

3. Andrew Lawster

4. Derrick sharper 

Offenders are all over the places. They cross borders and states to commit crimes against women. They cross all demographic. 

The churches and universities 

We need to be able to separate the public and private personas of offenders. 

For instance, Bill Cosby. 


1. Regular guy

2. Premeditated attacks

3. Attitudes

4. Alcohol 

5. Necessary amount of force 

1. They make up about 1% of our population. 

2. They don’t care about their victims

3. Your investigation have to be smart during interviews with them. 

4. Psychopaths are sly, and 
PROFESSIONS of Offenders 

Most are; 
1. CEO

2. Lawyers

3. Chefs 

4. Coach

5. Priests 

6. Musicians

7. Et cetera


Offenders fool around with their victims but they don’t rape them. They say that they are trying to minimise their acts. 
Example is; Michael Jackson. 
Female Offenders often say they don’t see anything wrong with what they’ve done with sexually assaulting young boys. 

Victim blaming in Steubenville’s sexual assault case. 
Rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused. 

1. Stranger

2. Weapon

3. Injury to victim 

4. Creepy 
The universal myth is that Most are caught, convicted and sent to prison. 

However, the reality is that, 
1. Most offenders are never caught

2. Most offenders are serial rapists

3. Juvenile commits offends. 


1. Goal of grooming is to facilitate a sex offends

2. Secret

3. Extended period of time.  

4. How can this happen? 

1. It starts with a simple thought, (thinking). 

2. Sex offenders live a double life; they are smart and week known in the community as good people BUT they are very careful to show others that they are sexual predators. 

3. No one will 


1. Gullible 

2. Easy to convince with good deeds

3. They want to believe in people

4. Easy to convince with or without convincing words. 

5. They sexually molest children without being caught 

1. No one will believe the child victim because the predator is so intelligent to clone his behaviour as someone incapable of hurting children. 

2. They are so good at what they do, at fooling, at lying to people. 

3. We have to be very careful when dealing with them because we can get suck in by their 

4. They target most freshmen, vulnerable children, the most intoxicated guys. 

1. Likeable 

2. Charming 

3. Not necessarily handsome 

4. Often psychopaths 

1. Homework 

2. Rapport

3. Information gathered 

4. Effective listening (we have to really listen to what they gave to say even if it is extremely difficult and we must not interrupt them) 

5. Fat check 

6. Closure (wrapping it up, making sure you have all the information needed to move forward). 


(Pretext Communication) 

2. Pre-test phone call

3. Text messaging

4. Social media 

5. Hail phone call

6. Email 

Example is , Col. Russ Williams  (picture below) (He raped and murdered two  women, committed 100 rape on women, broke into 82 homes, and murdered women. He got two life sentences for killing those women ) 


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