The Trauma of Sexual Assault

Conference: 2016 Intenational Conference on Sexua Assault, Domestic Violence, and Engaging Men & Boys

Date: 22nd — 24th March 2016

Location: International Ballroom Center, Washington Hilton Hotel, 1919 Connecticut Avenue. NW. Washington, DC. 

Topic: Plenary II: The Neurobiology of Sexual Assault

Speaker: Rebecca Campbell (PhD, Professor, Department of Psychology, Michigan State) University, East Lansing, MI)

Time: 10:45a.m — 12:00a.m


— What part of the brain is more hyper and less hyper?

What have we learned about the part of the brain, which reacts to trauma?

We need to provide care, emotional support for victims of sexual assault.

Provide informational support – give options/ and give victims time to make decisions. 

Connect victims to appropriate advocacy & support services to make specific referrals.

— Finally, we must learn to make referrals by name, by the real names of the expert & not by acronyms. 




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