Male Survivors of Sexual Assault 

Conference: 2016 International Conference on Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Engaging Men & Boys. 

Date: Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Time: 3:00p.m — 4:30p.m


Title: Men Bleed Too: Engaging Men’s Vulnerability 



  1. Rick Goodwin, MSW, RSW, Principal, Men & Healing, Ontario, Canada. 
  2. David Lisak, PhD, Forensic Consultant, Placitas, NW. 


1. The interpersonal violence is perpetrated by a small fraction of the community. 

2. But violence emerges from,and is a product of culture. 

3. Culture is only possibly the mobilisation of a significant part of a community. 

4. Men are human. 

1. Interpersonal violence is perpetuated rated by a small fraction of the community. Single Act Rapists — 44 men, 44 rapes & attempted rapes. 

2. Culture messages filtering through family members, friends, strangers, colleagues, et cetera. 

3. Culture change: Multi-layered Sexual Assault Prevention Program ( Bystanders, facilitators, core sex offenders) 

  If we can look past gender categories and just see human beings, we will discover that there are many men that we sexually abused as a child. We may see them as happy men but they are hurting inside. 
We must get away from the circles of victims-perpetrators divide. 

The Drama Traingle :Unconscious, repetitive sequence of transactions, perceptions, interactions with self and the environment. 

Emotional authority is the drive for every perpetrator of violence. 

Most men are raised in a culture that expression of anger is not sanctioned.  

 Anger is not a distance emotion for vulnerable men. 

If we want men to engage in ending violence against women, we are going to reach to them at a much deeper level. 

Men who have experienced childhood traumas are compassion impaired. 

Compassion is profound. 

Healing begins through soft compassion and universal compassion. 

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