Eliminating Racial Discrimination: Still a long way ahead? 

  A day ago, I wrote on my website that “Hate Speech is a contagious disease. It passes around like wildfire that touches not just the most vulnerable, but the noble hearts.” 

At present, the flame of racism is being rekindled through the media, politics, social media, research, migration discourses and by words of mouth. 

Are you one of the Le-Penists, the Trumpists, Faragists, Petryists, Melonists, Lindbergists, Janukevichists; just to mention a few. Just to name a few of them!
OR are you the Angel of peace, of restoration and of societal healing? 
How do other people see us? How many of us are terrors to those in our residential districts? Do we pretend to be the sheep to outsiders, while we are wolves to our own household members? 

We pray for peace for a nation in despair. Nevertheless, how can such a country be at peace when its leaders are not up to the tasks of unifying their own citizens? 

Humanity gets better and bigger under the ideology of oneness. We cannot give birth to a peaceful society if we don’t conceive faith in harmony. When we race for discrimination and vote in support of racism, we establish an invisible wall of hell that our future generations will partake of. 

Life is short, but it can only get sweet and beautiful if we create clear spaces for love, for admiration of one another, for direct acceptance of other’s religion, culture and ideologies. 
People who have different skin tones, do not choose by themselves. And they cannot tell their Creator to ‘re-colour’ them so that they can be just the exact people we prefer. 

The word ‘prefer’ can often leads to self-centeredness. We need to cogitate about what and how our words, and actions affect others. Do we bless them or do we curse them? Do we have to choose to dwell in harmony with other ethnic groups simply because we have compelled them to abide by our own fixed rules and regulations? 

The world we live in, is incomplete until we come together in a genuine cause to close the gap against anything that tends to widen it. There is no need for empty spaces, which serve to ruin the spirit of brotherhood. 

We must reunite against all forms of racial discrimination. We must come down and embrace humility as we lift our voices in unison to extinguish the rising flame of hatred for others. 
We are one people. We are human beings; created to change the world. And these changes will not come until we act. We can do it if we put our heads together and speak out. The Time is now! Not tomorrow. It is NOW. 

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