Mental Health Issues among Women 

Conference CSW60 14-24 UN Headquarters New York 
Parallel Event: The Importance of Women’s Mental Health in Sustainable Development 


 Time: 12:30p.m – 2:00p.m 
Date: 16/03/2016
Location: Thai Cultural Center, York 


Organisers: World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) 

You have to create a solidarity group where women can come together to recognise their worth and find solace. 

Some of the leading causes of mental health issues are,
1. Borderline personality

2. Anxiety disorder 

3. Lack of confidence and self esteem 

4. Having no sense of self worth 

5. Having low level jobs


— It is important that community based programme recognise women’s state of health and take into account appropriate measures. 


To understand mental health, you need to go to the people. You cannot achieve better results in sustainable development if you don’t go directly to the people .


We need to have the universal principles of human rights. 
Mental health was not included in the MDGs. Focus was on Peace and Security. However, it is not included in the SDGs. 

But conflicts and others issues are the causes of disturbing mental issues affecting women.  

Mental health should be part and parcel of advocacy against violence against women. 

Expenditures on mental health in some countries is below 1 percent. 
Women’s issues are largely ignored by the justice system. 



1. Incarceration caused significant financial cost.

2. Women are often economic disadvantaged and unable to pay for judicial fines. 

3. 18% of women offenders in the UK suffer from mental health issues.

4. In prison, Women have higher rate of substance uses, which they are addicted to to cope with several mental issues and breakdown. 

5. During incarceration, alternative cares need to be provided for the children of women incarcerated. 

6. Female offenders are often at high needs instead of high risks. 

7. Most of the problems of the female offenders lie not within the four walls of the prisons but in the society. Their problems starts from the pubic and mostly that’s where we ought to address. 

8. Once out of prison, female offenders often lack access to mental health treatment, education, high level of support, reunion with family members, reintegration into the society and employment and medical opportunities. 

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