#HarperLee: A beautiful life 

Rest in peace, #HarperLee. Through your texts, thanks for putting out racial discrimination into the light for all to see. 

Thank you for the fight against colour segregation. Being your only novel until recently, To Kill a Mockingbird is indeed a must-read. 

 I couldn’t get a better bird for these graphics. Thanks to Typorama app for the photo bank and of course, the complete creation. 




Published by

Feminist Church

Princess Ayelotan is a writer/poet, feminist and independent researcher. Her scholarly interest ranges widely, from — Creative Writing related to Gender issues; — Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), — Rape as a weapon of war, — Violence against disabled women, — Child Sexual Exploitation : e.g. child prostitution and trafficking, — Female economic empowerment — Activism.

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