Gender Disparity: Women and Girls in Science 

Patriarchy is the opposite of equality. Educational training is important for the female population. Where this is wanting, we are entrusted with a bigotry world. In science, gender equality is far from a reality for women. 

How many astronaut females do we have in the world? How many Nobel Prize awarded women in science? They are 18 since the establishment of the Prize in 1901 ( In addition, compare the number of men and women in other sectors, and it’s alarming the continuing huge disparity between both sexes. 
The majority of women and children displaced due to, conflicts or economic reasons, from their countries, are deprived of obtaining an education. 

With no specific time to resume schooling, the majority of them may never recuperate from the traumas associated with war and displacement, to be able to go back to studying. 

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