The truth about domestic violence 

#Domesticviolence is no respecter of any woman. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the female president of a country or CEO of multinational corporations. Perpetrators don’t care about your prestigious images or values. They only care about how to destroy you. Accept that DV is real and you’ll save hundreds of abused women.Domestic violence exposed 

Mandela’s step daughter speaks out (click the blue link above) for the first time about how she lost one of her eyes on her mother’s 70th birthday. Out of jealousy and the need to maintain the power grip, her ‘then’ boyfriend hit her so severely in the eyes that she became blind immediately. 

So sad that many people still fail to see the reality of the issue. Majority of women, in particular, who have not experienced DV believe the abused women are making it up. Likewise, neighbours often pretend not to know that the victimised women need their help. 

Mentality has to changed. Public awareness mechanism is not sufficient to sensitise the people. I think we have reached the point where publicity about DV isn’t doing anything to prevent the abuse. 

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