What Feminism Is Not

Feminism is not penis envy or gender envy; wanting to be a man as they like to say to us. “Well, do you want to be a man? You can join us if you want to.” Or, “Whatever you do, you can never have a penis.”
Feminism is not, “dividing the genders,” as they say to us in Africa. It is not dividing the race or “struggle,” — whatever that overused word means.
Feminism is not parrotism of Western women’s rhetoric.
Feminism is not opposed to African culture and heritage, but argues that culture is dynamically evolving and certainly not static; that culture should not be immobilised in time to the advantage of men as most men in Africa want it to be.
Feminism is not a choice between extreme patriarchy on one hand or hateful separatism from men on the other.

Molara Ogundipe-Leslie 

(Recreating Ourselves: African Women & Critical Transformation) 

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