Opening Session CSW59— Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Event: Opening Session of the CSW59

Location:  United Nations Headquarters, New York

Speaker: Secretary General Ban Ki-moon


  1. 2015 is a crucial year for achieving gender equality.
  2. Women and girls must be at the centre and front of the debate.
  3. Women continue to suffer disproportionately.
  4. Assaulting a woman means attacking a human.
  5. Women are not merely the victims, but that they are carriers of the blame.
  6. The need to tackle the radicalisation of youth.
  7. The completion of the Beijing20 foundation.
  8. The goal must be 50-50 by 2020.
  9. To recognise the crucial roles of women in all aspects of life.
  10. We need to shift the mindset of men on gender because without this, women will continue to be victims.
  11. The world cannot realise its goals if 50% of its population have not achieved its potentials.

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