International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


25th November is the day women assemble to express their disdain for all forms of violence against women. From domestic violence, street & sexual harassment, family violence, to sexual violence in both conflict and non-conflict settings.

Just one day is not enough to tackle all the problems women encounter. BUT this day is significant as it brings reality to the underlining issues of violence that women experience.

The United Nations calls for a 16-day activism beginning from today the 25th November till the 10th December.

To join in the struggle, you’re required to wear orange colour in whatever forms to show your support. Also feel free to pass across the message to your colleagues, family members and friends.

We are not simply coming together to celebrate a specific day as there is absolutely nothing to rejoice about violence against women. Rather, as women we have come together on this very day to say, “Enough is Enough”. Every woman is entitled to a violence-free environment. Women’s rights are human rights. That ‘she’ is a ‘woman’ does not mean ‘she’ is a punching bag or a sex puppet.

Perhaps we should also join Catharine MacKinnon in asking, “Are Women Human?”

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