Imkaan is a non-profit black feminist organisation of a kind. As specified on its website, Imkaan is a second-tier, human rights NGO with national membership. A UK-based organisation that addresses all forms of violence against women and girls (VAWG), Imkaan focuses strictly on UK black and minority ethnic women and girls. These are female not only from Africa but Africa-American, the Caribbean, Asia, Latin America, Indian and Pacific Oceans, black aborigines in Australia and America, et cetera. As far as wherever the black women and girls are, Imkaan is fully committed to work with them. Its major aim is to gain a better understanding of the root cause of gender and violence against women and girls, to provide a collective stronger voice both at national and international level for the black female and to protect them. These are achieved via continuous research, conferences, newsletter, strategic advocacy, media contributions, et cetera.

Membership is confined to NGOs and bodies working on subject –related issues addressing women and girls. Individual membership can be considered as a subscriber(s).

Imkaan offers accredited, specialised short trainings both for organizations and interested individuals working in the field of VAWG. Likewise it can provide tailored in-house training for enterprises. Complete details of this can be consulted on the ‘training’ tab.

For direct access,

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