Female Diplomacy

Female Diplomacy (FD) refers to the use, offering of, dispatching off of women and girls; indicated as soft components, for or towards the aims or with the purpose of achieving a goal, establishing a precise relation, obtaining profitable connections or resolving conflicts; either at the grassroot, national or international level.

Examples are, female sex workers, escort girls, child-brides, wife dispatched, etc.

FD is different from Disarmament Diplomacy(DD), which focuses on women (gender spectrum) as potential tools for peace making in conflict settings.

Published by

Feminist Church

Princess Ayelotan is a writer/poet, feminist and independent researcher. Her scholarly interest ranges widely, from — Creative Writing related to Gender issues; — Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), — Rape as a weapon of war, — Violence against disabled women, — Child Sexual Exploitation : e.g. child prostitution and trafficking, — Female economic empowerment — Activism.

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