The National Association For People Abused in Childhood

NAPAC: The National Association For People Abused in Childhood

The exposure of cases of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) appears on a rampage. From Child trafficking, child sex tourism, forced and temporary marriages to cyber-sexing of children. There are numerous forms of CSE being revealed in numerous researches by academics and professionals.


However, there are these groups of people, who were in their childhood, abused; sexually, physically, emotionally and psychologically, without anyone being notified. Years after years they’d live with the deep scar, traumatised, and carry on thinking that NO ONE will believe them if they tell their stories. Some for fear of being tagged liars, some shut up in order to protect the ‘reputation’ of their family name, some; because others have classified them as being troubled children that are in a position of going to the extreme.


Whatever the reasons are, these people are worth heard, help and assisted. This is the reason why NAPAC, a UK non-govermental organisation, provides all supports for survivors of childhood abuses.



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