Can We Kidnap the President’s Daughter?

Today is Mother’s Day. Many mothers are celebrating this day with their daughters but unfortunately, somewhere in the far northern Nigeria, there are about 300 mothers living at this day in agony.

Their joy of motherhood is destabilised and wounded. It’s already close to a month since Boko Haram, deranged terrorists, stole these girls from their school, from their mothers and from their education. The girl-child fundamental right to life is violated. Let us not believe that this is strictly a Nigerian issue. As a matter of fact, this is a worldwide catastrophe as attention is being focused on destroying the girl-child education. International communities are altogether facing a disturbing situation, which is somehow circulating all over the world. Previously, it’s been Uganda, Yemen, Pakistan and now, Nigeria.

A terrorist’s focus is shifting from waging war against religion to education. A terrorist fails or do not wish to comprehend the power of knowledge and as such he is blindfolded by his demented mind. Murdering innocent women and children implies the terrorist is void of compassion, and he is capable of murdering his mother and sisters without a second thought.

What we do not understand is that Boko Haram is financially bankrupt and it is for this reason they’d kidnap the girls. The terrorist group is currently in dire need of money in exchange for the hostages. When we go back to watch the video he posted recently, he mentioned selling these girls. They need money to continue to operate their gospel of hatred, of ignorant, of evil and of bombing. Now they waiting for the government to negotiate.

We should probe on why their leader chose to convey himself in English language on video if he is actually against education? How did he learn the language? The English language is a Western language and not a Nigerian native language. If really he hates Western schooling, then he should have communicated in his local language. This is perhaps one convincing fact that he gave himself up. It shows he is a coward, a failure and a man that need proper enlightenment.

Saddened that the Nigerian government fails to act immediately after learning of the abduction. I heard someone suggesting the best way to wake up the Nigerian president is tantamount to kidnap his daughter. Will this solved the enigma? Or will the kidnapper gains easy access, through the presidential palace’s tight security, to grab the girl?  The Chibok girls were easily abducted because they had no security guards watching over them 24/7, while the president’s daughter(s) probably has a bodyguard at her back and calling.

A world divided by status and wealth, a country against itself owing to the incapacitate of the current government to defend its people.

First Lady, Michelle Obama recently bridged a presidential protocol when she used her husband weekly radio speech to address her agony regarding the kidnapped children. By this, she’d portray her intelligent and her motherly compassion. However, is the Nigerian First Lady taking advantage of her office to help these suffering mothers and not just shedding tears (and vainly calling on God multiple times) publicly on TV? Nigerians are fed up of a government without actions.

Perhaps this person is right about kidnapping the President’s daughter(s). Maybe that would stir him up to go to rescue the Chibok girls.

What do you think? 

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