My Sister’s Keeper

 Last week, two women were sexually assaulted in different places in France. One of the women was on transit at a metro station in Lille when a juvenile delinquent attacked her. This atrocity lasted approximately thirty minutes before he was arrested. The most annoying part was that fellow passengers pretended not to notice, not to hear the lady screaming for help and they did not come to her rescue even when she ran to the platform where everybody clearly saw her being victimised. Not one person; man or woman, attempted confronting the perpetrator. There is no doubt whatsoever that women were among the witnesses, I mean youth and mature women but their consciousness was void of empathy to respond to the agony of this victim.

Article 223-6 [2] of the French Penal Code severely condemn this non assistance à personne en danger and is punishable by five years imprisonment and 75 000 euro fine. Currently, there is an on-going investigation to arrest these eye-witnesses.

Where we often have this pervasive is that our men are superheroes, always there to liberate us in moments of trouble. Notwithstanding, the reality opened before us and that is, we are now confronted with the question of whether the grandeur of masculinity is not losing it grace. As women, we might as well turn back into our inner man to save ourselves in the case where our men are falling woefully.

Who wants to die? Our contemporary world is becoming harder and harder, and people are metamorphosing in this narcissistic beasts entitled, ‘It’s all about me’. This ‘me first, me first, ’ attitude has sucked and still sucking the goodness out of us.

Regarding the second woman (a 34 year-old Canadian tourist), four senior French policemen were arrested after she reported being lured the premises of the headquarters of the Paris Crime Brigade (DRPJ) at 36 Quai des Orfèvres, on the night of April 22nd and gang raped. According to the press, the woman was herself an ex-policewoman and her father was a Toronto policeman. Some classified this as acquaintance rape, but whatever. Rape is rape. Some reported she flirted with the men and persuaded them to take her into the Brigade headquarters, which is formally prohibited to outsiders.

There is not anything as annoying as hearing that one of the policemen first denied bringing the lady inside the premises and of rape. The others denied that they’d gang-raped her while she was in the state of stupor. It was only after a series of grilling that the first officer confessed having sexual intercourse with her but in a consensual manner.

When policemen are not in a position to control their penises, I wonder who are we, as women, ought to run to for help during an emergency. Be the fact that we are talking about police officer here, right? Where is patriotism? Whatever became of two of the policemen remains unanswered. However, the other two were fired immediately. It would be difficult for them to retrieve their former jobs.

As for the victim, she flew back to Canada. I believed she’d take the best decision to get far. Far away from the vicinity of this mess and I do hope that she finds peace, and get by quickly with the aftermath trauma of rape.

That said, I am compiling the present post today for one major reason. I’d expect something dramatic to happen as a result of these two sexual assaults. To have collective French women’s movements coming out in their numbers to show their fury. Nothing happened. Today I found nowhere in the newspapers any progressive reports on these incidents. The stories were extinguished, done with and buried. Just like that, without any follow-up action. If women’s NGOs can organise street demonstration condemning these, they would have helped minimise the perpetrator’s mentality of ‘she asked for it’. Who knows what’s going to come next? Who knows if the next victim(s) is going to be just you, your daughter, sister, or mine or myself? Not reacting to all calls farther worsen scenario and unless we shred of this egocentric mindset, we are not going to be our sister’s keeper.

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