This Thing with MOTHERs-IN-LAW


Ask a bride-to-be her greatest wish. She will be glad to announce that she wishes her mother-in-law were dead before she gets married.

Ask a wife what’s her biggest dilemma. There won’t be enough space for discussion by the time she finishes narrating her constant quarrels with her mother-in-law.

What is this thing with mothers-in-law?  What is wrong with them? Are there any problems with them? Are they not conscience-smitten of their actions? Are they psychologically sick? Do they need special therapies? Why do they derive pleasures in making lives extremely difficult for their daughters-in-law?

Marriage is meant to mostly about love and comfort though there are hurdles to jump, too. But when women are not given the chance to enjoy their men simply because another women in the so-called skins of ‘mothers-in-law’ are standing in the way.

I for one, personally agree with majority of women who will do anything to get rid from them their mothers-in-law. The intimate relationships we have with our spouses are entirely our own businesses and do not concern our mothers-in-law. However I have not forgotten my mother is there. She is a safe haven for my sister-in-law who just takes her like her own mother.

The question is; how many good mothers-in-law do we have out there? Aren’t we as wives and mothers supposed to have freedom in our matrimonial homes?

What can be done to put these trouble-making mothers-in-law, who want to turn us to conformists of their own maternal beliefs, where they belong?

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