What you get

I wonder how many times you’ve tried to be perfect. You want to be the best. You’d spent nearly your income to get the best clothing yet you don’t fit in it.

Is this about purchasing new stuff or about you sorting out why things are going the way they are for you?

Perfection comes when you get to a stage where you knew you’ve done your best. Perfection does not come to any woman who’s so lazy, who feels she only need to do little in order to get more, who runs away from sacrificing her comfort zone to attain successes.

Think of Oprah Winfrey, or Tina Turner, or Michele Obama, or late Wangari Maathai, of whom else? These women do not and did not think their clothing will get them the perfection.  They worked and are still striving to bring awareness to their troubling societies.

What about you? Are you a woman for nothing? Are you sitting there and envying other women who are climbing the glorious masculine ladders when you’re supposed to be doing everything to join them?


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