Are You A Victim? Speedy Steps You Must Take before it’s too late (STEP 7)


Do not listen to people, friends or family who advise you to stay ON in the relationship. Some of them may mean well but majority of them may not. None of these people live with you. They do not understand and neither will they if you try hard to explain your horrible experiences to them.

People are there to help us, this I acknowledge BUT in the case of domestic violence, it is you, the woman, who holds the largest responsibility to what happens to you.

You may choose to listen to these people, thinking that they are right and thus end up having your precious life taken by this man

And you may choose to escape by going away so that you will still be alive to see your children’s children. The choice is yours.

It is your life and safety that we are mentioning here. If you value your life and your well being, then you will do whatever it takes to protect it.

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