Are You A Victim? Speedy Steps You Must Take before it’s too late (STEP 4)

–       Call the Police. The law enforcement agents are there to help you. It is their duty to protect you, to ensure that you are at safety. When you keep silence on all the abuses your partner inflicted on you, then you are in total danger. The only way you can save yourself is to talk out. Do not think that by keeping quiet that you are helping the situation. In fact, you worsen it the more.

–       Always have a phone handy. Making phone calls is not supposed to be difficult anymore. All you have to do it, flee to a room where there is a phone, lock yourself in and dial for help. If you have informed the Police ahead of time about your partner and what you go through in, they will be ready for you at all time.

–       Do not be afraid of the Police. Never think they are going to give you away. They are the first contact in this situation and you must not avoid them if you want to stay alive.

–       What if you don’t want to alert the Police but a close friend? This is no problem. Just remember to have your phone ready in any room you flee to during the attack.

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