Are You A Victim? Speedy Steps You Must Take before it’s too late (STEP 3)

–       Devise an alert signal. This you can use to alert your friend, neighbours, Police when you know you are in danger.  This is very vital as it is part of your security. You must create an alert signal. It does not have to be something specific; you can create your signal from telephone, or you can make it through one.

Let people outside your home know that you are in danger when you really are. Make them see the urgency for your safety so that when the time comes, they will be there to safe you right on time before your abuser gravely harms you.

You can create your alert signal with your friends, family members and the police. When you are determined to do this with friends or family member, then let them be those you can trust, I mean those who will not give you up especially when you need them the mos.

Alert signal is very vital. Often, you may discover it is one that would safe you at the time you least expected. You don’t have to keep pushing off the need to create one when you have the time. Please create one NOW! It is never too late until it is ‘actually’ too late.

We are referring to your life here, and thus, you should be very careful not to toy with it. Remember, you are very precious, even if your abusive partner never realise this.

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