Who is the Victim – You or Your Child (Vol. 2)

Sola had nowhere to turn to, when he noticed his parents were so engrossed in their daily fights. He was young and at ten-year of age, the boy knew nothing much. He was born and grew up always closed to his mother. Now, the poor woman was locked in her own inner pain. She barely noticed her son was suffering. If at all she noticed, she did not care anymore. She was interested in nursing her own loss.

It took a while before both parents found out that Sola had gotten into trouble. He became friends with street boys and touts who led him to stealing and drug! At that age, Sola was far, and deeper.

He came out successfully though it took so much from his mother who learnt bitter lesson from the experiences. She quitted her relationship taking Sola along with her.

This is why being a mother; you must focus all your energy on the safety of your child during the rows with your man. Make your child understand what is going on.

As far as I am concerned, the moment you are a victim of domestic violence, your child is a victim too

Do not JUST think of yourself the moment you have experienced violence and abuses in your home. Think also, and more of your child. Take positive action on his and your behalf.   In spite of what happened to you, your child is very important, and you must make him or her you priority.

Maybe you should ask yourself this; why did I give birth to this child if I’m not capable of raising him or her?

Many Thanks.

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