Who is the Victim; YOU, or the KIDS or HIM? (Vol. 1)

In a relationship clouded by violence and abuses, the first and major victim is the WOMAN!

Believe me, this is hard for many people to accept or believe but 98% of domestic violence and abuses are inflicted on women. It is the female who suffers most. She is the one who undergone all the agonies, the pains, the sorrows, the insults, the injuries.

She is the one who cries most of the dark nights. She is the one with the dark bruises on her face. She is the carrier of that unhealed emotional scar in her heart.

I am sure you are beginning to understand what this meant?

Like I mentioned in the introduction, it is still a mystery that women are the major victims of domestic violence.

Apart from her, the children are the next victims. Once a child is born into a relationship, he or she becomes part of that household. He sees everything that goes on in the house. He feels the tension going on between his parents and he shares in their emotional disturbances.

Within the space of time, that child is disturbed in every area of his life. He expected to see happiness riding the lives of his parents and his home. He wants to experience peace within the home. Once this is missing, the child becomes a victim. He turns rebellious. He loses concentration in his studies, and if care is not taken, the child will end up in life as a nonentity.

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