It’s time to act!

Dear all,

An abuser has no other reason for inflicting his victim but to GAIN total control over her.

He wants to dominate and the only means he believes he can is through violence and abuses even if he is aware of how bad his actions are.

When a woman gives a man the chance to verbally abuse her without her putting a stop to it the first day, definitely she is giving him the wider chance to continue. If on the first day he uses abusive words on her and she halt him immediately by warning him not to insult her again. If she is serious about this and he sees it, he will think twice the next time about hurling insulting words on her.

Women must be fully aware of the danger that goes with permitting their partner the chances to abuse them verbally. Let me be clear with you here; there is no physical violence that start right away just like that.

No! Physical violence first begins with verbal abuses. And this is if you are in any verbal abusive relationship, you notice that your partner is not satisfied with you unless he hurl nasty words at you, or at your children, then it is high time you must stopped it.

Never give him the complete freedom to insult you verbally as he wants. When he starts, right away, tell him to his face and with extreme seriousness; “Don’t you ever, ever, use those words for me again! Or I am sorry but I don’t want you to ever use such insulting words for me when we argue!”

This is no joke! Believe me, he will respect you because he sees the seriousness when you warn him against that and he knew you are not joking. If ever at all such occasions arrive, he would be careful with picking his words and how he should address you.

Remember, do not laugh or be smiling when you are making your stand before your verbal abusive partner. Use your sternly mood and make sure you give it back to him.

By doing this you definitely stop him from gaining control over you.

I pray for you!

Many thanks.

Help the Punching Bag Team.

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