Jennifer SchuettGreat news!

19 years ago precisely 10th August, 1990, Jennifer Schuett at the age of 8, was sleeping peacefully in her bed when a man dragged her out her bed, kidnapped her, raped her, slashed her throat and dumped her far away from home with the hope that she would die.

Event didn’t turn out the way her attacker expected as Jennifer survived. She was found the next day by group of children playing nearby.

Ever since the efforts to find her attacker yielded nothing but the existence of DNA technology proved successfully as this help to trace her attacker yesterday. He was arrested.

With all evidence proven, it is 100% clear the Police had arrested the right suspect.

Great news for Jennifer who must have waited for justice since 19 years old but the truth is, Jennifer has not been living her life trying to find her attacker. Yes, she wants him to be found but she’d devoted her life trying to help other rape victims.

Jennifer Schuett is doing well as she attested during her speech. We rejoice with her knowing that justice had caught up with her attacker.

This is evidence that no matter how far a crime is committed, justice will forever prevail.

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For further detail about Jennifer Schuett, please visit this link;


Access to Jennifer’s personal website & blog

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