IN THE NAME OF HONOURWhen a woman is being ripped to pieces like chicken or damaged without pity then of what value is her gender to the society?

Beating a woman is considered lesser crime compare to acid burning or murdering her. There is no type of violence or abuses against women that is justified.

A woman is a woman and she deserves the right to live.

In Asia, majority of women suffer extensively for lots of their actions, which are nothing. A woman can be set on fire because she is seen talking to another man, or she is greet a man on the street.

People who are supposed to protect her are the ones who hurt her, who kill and who dare to put her to endless tortures. It may be her father, her brother, her uncle or her husband.

For instance, a man can openly go and show himself to the Police after he had murder his wife or sister. He will insist he did it in the name of honour to protect their family name.

Of what use is a family name when murder and bloodshed have become the order of the day in that house?  These men are not ashamed or remorse for their actions.

We advise you to take a look at this breaking news from CNN.

We announce we share in the pain of this young woman.  We understand she is afraid to talk and mention who did this to her.

Are there women like her still out there? Yes! They are.  3 out of 5 women are being mutilated each week.

This is punishable and a crime. Many countries tend to neglect this but will you pretend too that you did not notice such going on in your country, in your city or in your closest community?

Get to action and spread the word to stop violence and abuses against women. We encourage you not to lose hope and abandon this cause. Help us to help the women. They need you, they need your voice, your word and your actions to make their lives meaningful.

Violence and abuses against women in the name of honour is absolutely a crime and we condemn this.

Many thanks


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