Nearly in all the countries all over the world, the position of the woman is still an issue. It is difficult for many men accepting that a woman has the equal right as her male counterpart.

Apart from this, many men understood that the only form of discipline their women are through beating. Turning a woman into a punching bag within her home, among her family member and in her relationship is the worst crime ever, which must be stopped.

Violence and abuses against the woman are injustice and these must stop.
We keep asking ourselves; for how long do we continue to watch this and accept it going on? Do we just fold our hands and keep quiet without taking action?

The answers from every corner are ‘NO’.

NO to violence, NO to punching the woman, NO to abuses, NO to rape, No to injustice!
Every woman on planet earth deserves the right to liberty. The right to her LIFE and not to DEATH!

Join us in this fight!

©2009 All Rights Reserved

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