Dear Member,

We realised that there are hundreds of women out there who are just scared to express openly their abuses at home.

Many of them are filled with the fear of the unknown. You can imagine the words of threat they received from the attackers. They were warned not to talk. They were told they will be killed or maimed if they talk.

As result of this and many more, many women suffer in silent.  Most of them are mothers and their kids have learnt to hold their peace as well.

It is after the death of these women that we all realised how much they have suffered and tortured.

Do we blame any of these women for being silent that led to their death? No! These women are innocent and had permitted fear to dominate their lives.

Let us all realise that it is our duty to act for these women. Do you have women in your family going through the same? Is one of your neighbours a victim of domestic violence? Or are you also experiencing the same?

You must not keep quiet if you want to save your life or of those you are aware. Speak out immediately before it is too late. You will be doing well to yourself and to those women you knew.

Silence and fear will not help to save you and prevent you from the danger that lies within. 

Get out and speak! Go to the nearest organisation that helps domestic victims. Go to closest police station. You do not have to make it known that you are going to them.

In the next edition, we will be bringing you the lists of the NGOs nearest to you and in your town that helps domestic victims.

Many Thanks

Help the Punching Bag team.

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