WomenViolence and abuses against women do not just stop there. It goes as far as murdering the victim.

Who then are the victims? Of course, the WOMEN!

In  any relationship, the woman is the main target whenever there is a problem. It is the woman who takes all the blame even if she is innocent. And it is the woman who pays for whatever goes wrong.

Take the case of Jasmine Fiore. No matter what must have happened between the couple, we do not agree or think that she deserved to be murder. Before this, there had been discord between the two.

Ryan Alexander Jenkins, her reality TV star husband is believed to have been the murderer. He was said to have stuffed her body in a big suitcase after he strangled her, cut of her fingers, extracted her teeth so that she would remain unidentifiable. Luckily, her identity became possible through the breast implant serial number.

Now, Ryan Jenkins is on the run, wanted by the Police. He is still alive and hiding while poor Jasmine is dead, tortured for nothing.

We say Ryan Alexander Jenkins is an animal, a bloody animal. He cares nothing about the life of his wife, or her safety and this is why he did what he did; killing her as if she was a piece of shit.

For further details about Jasmine Fiore, please kindly click on this link below;

We will keep track with the news about Jasmine and surely keep you update. No matter what, violence is not the ideal. A woman does not deserve to be a victim to violence, to abuses and worst of all to murder!

Help us spread the word to those around you to stop violence, abuses and murder against women.

Many thanks.


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