WomenStatistics shown from2001 – 2009 explained how domestic violence and abuses against women are increasing daily thus creating inner fear among women.

The secret question every woman poses is; “Will I be the next victim?”

Sometimes, we women asked ourselves whether we are certified for whatever form of violence? Why are we the victims? Why not the men? Does it mean that our sexual inequality is a plague that causes us to be victims to violence and abuses?

Are we to suggest that every woman must not marry? Or that a woman should avoid relationship with the opposite sex? Must she develop hatred for every man on earth?

A woman is a life-saver, a life-giver, a friend, a companion, a lover, a supporter and the best counsellor on earth. In every major decision execute within every government across the globe, the voice of a woman is involved, be it openly or privately. So why then is she being reduced to a punching bag?

As a team, we say NO to violence and abuses against women. We do not believe that every woman is doomed or certified for violence and abuses. What we believe is that every woman on planet earth deserves the right to life. The right to be free from hurts, from insult, from domestic violence and from rejections from her loved ones.

Let us not forget our mission; the need to make this planet earth a safe, peaceful and comfortable for every woman.

Many Thanks


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