HELP THE PUNCHING BAGDo you agree with this?*

Recently we met with women whose opinions about their mother-in-law are nothing but horrible remarks. Tama* is one of them. She narrated to us how her mother-in-law never sees anything good in what she (Tama) does. The old woman lives with them.  After six years of marriage with her son, Tama said her mother-in-law still keeps saying her son is yet to find his real wife.

Does this mean her mother-in-law wants her (Tama) out of the house?

Felicity* is not in disagreement with Tama’s story. Hers was hell! Her mother-in-law shares the same bedroom with her son! Felicity sleeps in the same room with her two children. Imagine a mother sharing her son’s bedroom!

Can you accept this?

Felicity and Tama are convinced their mothers-in-law are certified witches!

What about you? Are you in the same position? Do you disagree with this? Does it mean that every bride-to-be should refuse her mother-in-law coming to stay in the house with them?

Share your thoughts with us.

Many Thanks.

 *Names changed.


  1. I can’t make generalizations such as “every” mother-in-law is a witch. But of course, I can feel some of the emotion behind a statement like that. I’m currently struggling with my own mother-in-law. I believe she sees me as a challenge, stealing her son away from her. She has been honest that she wants someone other than me to be the woman he loves. We’re both strong and we are both used to being Queen Bee. It’s no wonder we clash. I have hopes that someday we can peacefully respect each other.

  2. I have a friend who says they’re “natural enemies.” It does seem to be a part of life.

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