Man-abuser bcos of foodMartha found herself in the habit of cooking the dinner and waiting for Patrick, her partner to return from work before they would eat. As a school teacher, she found it easy since she closes early from work and ahead of Patrick whose office job compelled him to stay longer.

One evening while at dinner, Patrick told her that she doesn’t have to prepare dinner all the time or wait for him before she eats. Martha nodded but she kept on cooking and waiting for him so that they can eat together. She believed she was doing her role as the woman in the house.

Couple of weeks past and Patrick repeated the same even pleaded with her to always eat her dinner and not wait for him. Martha took this to a deep thought and concluded she must obey his words.

She stopped cooking and waiting for them to eat together. Several nights passed, Patrick comes home to meet the dining table emptied. That means he would have to do his own cooking even if he’s tired.   They continue to live on happily until one night Patrick returns very late.

The first question he posed at Martha was asking for his dinner. Martha was confused and tried to explain she would have done that but his previous words held her back.

Hardly had she finished when Patrick opened his mouth and said; ‘YOU ARE JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER’

WHAT! Martha was too shock to respond. What on earth could have pushed Patrick to utter such statement? What does he know about Martha’s mother and even if he does knew something, courtesy demand that he gives the old woman respect.

Maybe you are another Martha, having the same situation right now; I implore you to stop this before it stops you! When your man starts referring to any members of your family just anyhow when he is upset, then he doesn’t deserve you. He has made it clear to you that he is an ABUSER.

Today, Martha is no longer with Patrick. She hasn’t gotten someone else because she prefers to stay alone, which is better for her.

Patrick is one of thousands of men who are certified ABUSERS. You don’t leave any chances for them to carry on with their abuses. Once they utter one, they will keep on and on and on until they make sure they make life miserable for you.

Look for sign of any abuses from your spouse/partner and deal with it FAST! You don’t have to quit like Martha but you have the God-given ability to STOP it.  And when you are doing this, let it be in a gentle way.

We are fighting to make the world violence and abuses-free for every woman on earth. We will win! Do not forget; STOP THIS BEFORE IT STOPS YOU.


Princess Ayelotan

©2009 All Rights Reserved





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