HELP THE PUNCHING BAGIt is a true saying that lack of communication between partners can create more damage than necessary. Where a couple does not reach the stage to discuss their issues, then nothing will change. They will only keep mounting the problems one after the other, sometimes without them realising this.

And in the absent of communication, either party cannot understand what is missing or what should be rectify. I am a strong believer in communication. I want to make my point clear, I want to be heard and be understood.  It helps me to know often what the other person is thinking or thoughts over our issues.

Of all the means used to communicate between couples, I have noticed so much how problems, which supposed to have been solved amicably, eventually became worst than expected.

Majority of these faults go to the female sex. The purpose of this article is not to condemn the women as the site is created to stop violence and all sorts of maltreatments against every woman on planet earth but the truth is that 70% of women are the cause of their own problems.

What is the meaning of a virtuous woman? If a woman cannot control her temper, then of what used is she being called a woman in the first place? A woman is the totality of God’s creation. The man is there but the role of a woman in life is greater than that of her opposite sex. A woman builds her home and not destroys it. 

A woman supposes to help and not cause more troubles.  In every home, the couple argue when the need arises and then each of them wants to express his or her own opinion.

That I am a woman, and I want to express myself do not mean that I should go ahead and overdo it by screaming the life out of my man.

Have you not seen or heard a woman during her row with her man? Have you not heard how this woman will start cursing the man, his parents, his friends, his job, and his life?  Oops! It can be so disgusting!

You may have a girlfriend or loved ones who are fond of behaving this way. You must warn them of the danger ahead. They are lucky to still have their men living with them.  It may reach some points when these men will get up and bold say aloud; ‘enough is enough’.

You may be the one in this position, no matter the situation; you need to develop the spirit of self-control. I knew it is not easy most of the times but for you to have a peaceful home and peaceful love-life, then you MUST have control over your speech, your words, your tongue and of course, your emotions.  


Many Thanks


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