HELP THE PUNCHING BAGI have no idea if Veronica knew what she was doing when she abandoned her tailor apprenticeship and ran away with Idris, a roadside mechanic. She disobeyed her aunt, insulted her mother and went off with him, living as couple without marriage.

 Now, and with five children (born with difference of a year gap), Veronica is nowhere with her tailoring career as she did not wait to complete her training then.

Idris is happy, fathering two children with another woman, in Lagos, the same city where Veronica lives.

Veronica dare not confront her man without receiving severe blows. Today, nothing works for her; no job, no peace of mind, no income, and no emotional support from her family members (Remember she’d left them years ago). In a country like Nigeria where there is no government social assistance & financial support, how will Veronica survives with her children?

As members of HELP THE PUNCHING BAG, we do not condemn anybody. Our goals are to share the ugly tales, the good ones, and the actions taken to stop violence against women.

Veronica made her choice when she fled with Idris, abandoning her priority. There are lots of women like her and some of them have amended their lives.

Do you have someone like Veronica in your life, in your city, among your friends and family members? Get your voice out there; explain to these women the need to be financially independent, let them understand that it is not too late to learn a trade or go back to school.

Make sure you engage them in freedom speech. Remember; every woman is not a punching bag and she is not a game for abuse. A woman deserves the best from life.

We are counting on you!

Many thanks

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