Sophie does not have a say anymore in her matrimonial home. Whenever she offers any suggestions about how things should be, Greg is always ready to shut her down. Nothing Sophie did to make her husband realize that this is how thing should be or not how they must be, worked.

Greg is in charge; he loves it even if this hurts Sophie more and more. How can two people live under the same roof, share the same bed and meals but they cannot reach any comfortable agreement between them?

The day Sophie feels she must do something about it turns out to be the day she regrets and maybe will continue to regret. Greg descended on her heavily, giving her the first beating since their three year-old marriage.

What do you advise Sophie to do? Pack out?


Princess Ayelotan

©2009 All Rights Reserved









Published by

Feminist Church

Princess Ayelotan is a writer/poet, feminist and independent researcher. Her scholarly interest ranges widely, from — Creative Writing related to Gender issues; — Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), — Rape as a weapon of war, — Violence against disabled women, — Child Sexual Exploitation : e.g. child prostitution and trafficking, — Female economic empowerment — Activism.

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