A Dagger Without Pity

In February 2009, it can be shocking to discover how many African female children are being mutilated within a week after their birth, all in the name of tradition.
Nearly all the African countries practise Female Genital Mutilation. For years, there have been hundreds of efforts from several NGOs to stop this crime.

Some of these African states have passed out laws banishing FGM but the question is; has that law been executed? We are made to believe that with this law, there will be no more FGM.
Do you trust this law?
For once, I want to make it clear that in these African Countries, FGM is still in going on. we can spread the awareness to those that are close to us. If we know those who hold on to this practice, we can convince them to put a stop to it.

If we don’t talk, no one will know that FGM is a crime against the RIGHTS of a female-Child. FGM is a cultural-foolishness.
Help Spread the word againt FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION. It is a dagger without pity.

Princess Ayelotan

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