At the Sanskriti Kendra Artist-in-Residence I am currently undergoing, as a group, we had so much to talk about. Since the location is in India, the major discussion we had since the few days has been about thre place of a woman.

We tried to compare the woman in Asia with her counterpart both in Africa and Europe. We came almost to the same conclusion. Every woman demands a change. When a woman is not valued within her home and her small world, how will she be able to develop her abilities?

If a woman does not have any form of education, what will she contribute to her next generation of women coming?

When a woman goes through violence and maltreatment in the hands of those she loves and trusts, what is left of her confidence?

Every woman is human. She wants to express her feelings, her love and affection. She needs to do this with the support of her people, her family and her home.

A woman shows her values when she gives grace to her world, to her society and to humans.

The position of a woman must be held in awesome.

Every girl-child, every young female, every single lady, every mothers, every grandmothers, every mother-in-law, every step-mother, and every foster-mother deserves a BETTER WORLD without VIOLENCE

Published by

Feminist Church

Princess Ayelotan is a writer/poet, feminist and independent researcher. Her scholarly interest ranges widely, from — Creative Writing related to Gender issues; — Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), — Rape as a weapon of war, — Violence against disabled women, — Child Sexual Exploitation : e.g. child prostitution and trafficking, — Female economic empowerment — Activism.

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